Ride Ons Collection

Pushing a mower around all day in the hot Australian sun can be sweaty work, and if you have a large area, then it can be even harder and more time consuming. Ride on mowers eliminate the physical labour required to push a conventional mower around, and they can help you mow large areas much faster. We provide cutting-edge maintenance and repair services on every product we sell and we only sell the highest quality brands and will recommend the model that best fits your needs and budget.

Ride on mowers come in three basic types. First, there are the smaller ride on mowers like the Rover Micro Rider that are “sit on top” mowers with a steering wheel. The next level mowers are configured more like a garden tractor and have larger engines and greater adaptability. The highest level of ride on mower is the dual transmission design. They have dual handles that are arranged near the operator’s lap and are used to steer the unit. Each handle controls the drive train to the rear wheel on that side of the mower. You push both handles forward to go full speed straight ahead, and one handle further forward to turn.