When the yard work gets heavy with overgrown weeds and brush, it’s time to get out the brush cutter. This is a serious brush cutter for yard owners, who need power, versatility, and high performance to cut down those sturdy weeds.

Bethania Mowers is the best place to purchase the high-powered brush cutter in Brisbane. With exceptional customer service, we will make sure that you understand how to use your new tool. We’ll show you how to start and operate the machine, demonstrate basic maintenance, and emphasize safety while operating this high-performance brush cutter on your Brisbane property.

One of the best features of this powerhouse weed and brush cutter is that it has a hybrid feed head. Need to cut tough grass? Use the brush cutter with the heavy-duty nylon cutting head. Have thick brush to cut? Use the 4-tooth steel blade.

When purchasing a brush cutter from Bethania Mowers, rest assured that our staff and technicians will show you the many features that come with your new garden appliance. Many of our brush cutters come with an anti-vibration system, full harness for working comfort, and the long reach solid spline-steel drive shaft for those hard to reach areas in the yard with many attachments available for purchase as well.

With over 35 years of helping customers choose the right yard tool for the specific job, we have all the parts that you might need for supplies and repairs for any lawn mower or brush cutter. Any service that may require we do in-house at our fully staffed workshop with skilled and friendly technicians.